Since am pretending to make posts again for 2010. Hapy New Year to all in my Flist!!

Lets make the most of it! Also I plan to have a very fandom-y 2010 So I'll start tryin to go to the movies in a few min to watch Sherlock Holmes. I am still and always will be a movie whore. Totaly proud of it btw. And its a thing that needs comitment and a lot of compromise LMAO almost as a marrigae so am going to start by watching movies.

In other news, I'd like tot ake time, my dear flist, to let you know that starting this monday I have a new job, new office, new people with my best friend. Lets see how it goes, but wish me good luck. Am nervous but also very excited about it all. Hopefully it'll be awesome and a new adventure. I was told i'd get paid for doing what I love... and that as a job description is already amazing.

*glomps flist*
And just because I think is a wonderful idea, I'll start the year sending you all lots of Rob to make your first days of the year even greater.
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Brittany Murphy just died... that's just wrong! she's one year older than me!! O.O Is like... just wrong really.

My Mood is: shocked shocked

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I just saw the New Alice in Wonderland trailer and I really want to watch it NOOOWWW

Of course anything Tim Burton and Johnny Depp do will be watched, and most certanly will be loved LOL I can't wait!

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Ok I've been slow with posting but mainly with watching my tv shows... ok not all of them I've been quite good with The Big Bang Theory and Glee, and Grey's Anatomy. other than that i've been nbeglecting the rest of my tv shows.

But since lots of them ar eon hiatus, I decided to 1. Re-watch the whole Lost seasons and 2. Finally catch up with the last 2 seasons of Dexter. Also this is a doable task mainly because I don't have a paid Megavideo/Megaupload/Rapidshare accound. So while I can't d/l nor watch online all of the eps to make myself a Dexter marathon, I decided to watch as much as I can because the Dexter buzz is so lout right now I don't want to get spoiled. And it should give me enough time to wait for Lost final season.

If you want to talk Dexter.. please wait for the Do not Dexter-Disturb sign on my door is removed. It should happen very soon though. Don't want to get spoiled.

*goesto keep watching*
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So.. my last post was over a month ago???
I really have NO life at all!!! *gasps*

emm.. ok you can actually delete the gasps from there.

I do have to say however to all my dear and beloved Flist that I DO NOT have any money whatsoever to send xmas cards... :( so sad, I'll miss them. But as an alternative, if any of you want for me to make you a virtual card I'll make ANYTHING you want for a xmas card. You pick the subject and even the pics if you want. I'll be your card slave this year.

Is so lame, but I still think is Christmas and in Christmas you try to make people happy, right? So I do want to my my dear flist happy with that. Just comment and tell me what you want for xmas :D

Now I'll go catch up with my flist updates... Though I have to say, for the last couple of days, all I can see flooding my flist is Adam Lambert O.o
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Happy X Files day!!!! :D Think this merits watching Xf eps, just because :p

Ok I haven0't been her ebut my life is boribng and nothing new has happen. Am making jewerly and a girl is selling it for me, because is actually helping to get more money. So yeah, that's me nothing new.

Now you can go back to your regular schedule.
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Seriously what is it about sundays that make everyone.. or mostly eveyrone just do lazy things? I mean seirousy amall for it, but this one I really did nothing. Even when I had the good intention to do A LOT I did not even tried after a while LOL.

Anyway, forget about babbling about sundays, I haven't post in here for ages! Mainly because I've been addicted to facebook games, but also a good readson for this is my ife is not that interesting, and nothing new has happened... Except maybe, I burnt my finger today LOL. And it was even a lame burnt after I just stucked it in cold water for a while.

On another sort of interesting hand, as usual on saturdays I went to the movies, and watched New in Town, It was midly fun, not hilarious but it was fun. In fact, the biggest proof the movie wasn't great was that I kept staring at her face ALL the time tryin g to figure out what the hell did she do to her face cos it looks so weird! I mean it is her but don't know, maybe some botox?

Las week I watched The Ugly Truth and it was a hell lot better, also considering the good looks of Gerard Buttler, the movie was really good LOL, not really but vidiallu it was a very good plus. Besides the story wasn't that bad. Not my fave still but it was fun.

If you ask me British movie industry should do a lot more romantic comedies... I am a total sucker for them and really adore them...

Now the only awesome news I have is this tuesday I went to see Jason Mraz!!!! He came to Mexico city and OMG he was really a lot of fun, amazing show, quite funny and hyper and Jason is so adorable, and can't speak spanish a lot, but him trying was really cute. I do firmly believe he can't dance properly for his life, but he does have an awesome rythm when he tries. <3<3 Sadly my friend could go, but maybe things do happen for a readon, because I took my cousin with me (she had just broken up with her boyfriend) and it really helped her a oot, she was all happy and giggling. Turned out to be great to make her feel better :D

So, yeah that's my updates, now go back to your regular scheduled lazy sunday... or, since is almost over: have a great week my dear flist!
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I finished The Time Traveler's Wife And I have to say is such a pretty book, so sad and yet is really cute and amazing. I have to say it did made me cry a bit, few tears though, only bookt hat has mame sob like mad was Marley & me But that's for obvios dog reasons.

Now going back to Traveler's Wife, It is a really amazing story (IF YOU HAVEN'T READ STOP NOW don't go on if you don't want to be spoiled for the book OR movie).

Tje whole time traveling despite being obviously science fiction, was realy well written, like something that is not usual for all of us, which is true, but something very plausible, literature wise. I actually think the traveling itself becomes a character on its own. The situation it creates make the whole story have its turns and twists.

What I really think is amazing is the title of the story, yes exactly that, the title. Mainly because when you are reading anything you need it to have a beggining a middle and and end, otherwise is like you got into the middle of a conversation feel awkward and don't understand a thing until very late into the talk. Here the titles gives you a timeline, much needed in a story like this. Makes you watch it through Clare's eyes, even when half the time it is watched through Henry's.

The book was really amazing, and I do hope the movie does justice for it. What I like the best is that even when is written by a woman is not a book that jumps into cheesiness and is soaked with honey and corny stories. It is true, heartbreaking and real, despite the time traveling issue is really very down to earth.

If you are reding all the way here and you haven't read, what are you waiting for, goooo, read, shoo! If you have... then never mind and go ahead with your schedule program, or you know? comment and we can keep a book club kind of discussion if you feel like it.

My Mood is: accomplished accomplished

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Happy Birthday ttiot!!!!

Hope you have a wonderful one without creepy people ;)
Have lots of fun!

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My poor LJ is completely neglected, but I guess I feel repetitive writing things down here on twitter and facebook. Also my iPod LJ app only lets me write not reply nor comment so Igues it makes thins more complicated...

Not realy am just way too spoiled LOL.

Now onto news, my throat was ok for a week and now is hurting but on the plus side I get to drink lots of tea!! Love tea. Also I have a very sexy voice right now. hehe... We have to look at the bright side of things right?

Also I've been reading like crazy The Time traveler's Wife because it opens this weekend and i wanted to be done before watching the movie. Still have about 200 pages to go but am enjoying it quite a lot. after that I left Portobello Witch to read this one, but am almost done with that one as well.

Movie wise... I think I've seen Harry Potter way too many times to actually be able to tell about new movies but this weekend things should get back to normal. But I have to say I really did loved the movie!!!

Anyway this is me catching up, waiting for new tv seasons to beging, and with nothing more interesting to report right now... hee will get back to you if something happens or pops or.. whatever.
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